Another Letter from the Health Care Sector

Predictably, our health care organizations wrote another letter, their third or fourth. They are still polite, but a bit more impatient, because MinTVS doesn’t listen.

GOA made a grave error, because under pressure, with no time to negotiate, early in the pandemic when it needed money badly, it agreed to all stipulated conditions, without arguing, among them a commitment to save Awg 60M, in the healthcare sector through the AZV.


For the past 20 year, we’ve had it pretty good with the AZV, perhaps imperfect, but the policy set by GOA and carried out by AZV, worked, and worked well, we enjoyed a first-world national health care system, the likes of any developed country – better than the USA.

Then the venerated Gradus walks in, our financial supervisor, and based on God knows what, decides to change a recommendation by his own people, “AZV should save 5M” to “AZV should save 5M a month”, for a lovely Awg 60M in savings.

MinTvs should have stomped his feet right there and then. No. No Por. Kan Niet.

Because there is no Awg 60M to be saved. Our healthcare is less costly than that of the Netherlands, or our sister island Curacao.

It was a mistake to agree. MinTvs didn’t find his ‘voice,’ at the time.

But he was stuck with the commitment and frantic both the AZV and the minister tried to find savings, knowing it’s impossible.

A simple solution would have been some self-participation, eigenbijdrage, by the patients, that was an EASY solution, but out of the question, because it might cost votes.  

So he desperately cut accessible budget lines.

First shamelessly reducing salaries of our front liners. Among other umpteen other cost cuts – no free transportation for dialysis patients — that story cost the CEO his job, and discontinued distribution of meds — many standard medicines that were covered last month, will not be covered anymore next month by the AZV.

It’s complicated, AND it’s wrong.

Because you and I know, that you cannot buy a Cadillac for the price of a Lada.

There are many ways how to save 60M. If the Netherlands wants us to save 60M, it can be done by letting some ambtenaren go who do not really produce. Why ask a nurse who deserves MORE to take a salary cut because the minister doesn’t want to let people go who do not produce? Why cut healthcare, mid-pandemic, that’s the LAST thing you should do.

Back to the start.

The letter signed by every single one of our healthcare organizations is spot on!

It is scandalous how GOA approached this whole issue. Of course GOA was under immense pressure, but that is exactly the time to look beyond its nose, and have a vision for the future.

Caft recommended savings for Aruba.

Why didn’t they recommend the same for Curacao, for example?

Their healthcare system is much more expensive than ours.

Scrambling for cost cuts, while blaming the Dutch is ineffective, and dishonest.

Cut in GOA’s expenses instead.

To conclude, MinTVS should stand up for OUR rights to an excellent healthcare system, and should he decide he wants one, he should take action, make sure nurses, doctors, hospital, GPs, earn what they deserve, and get rid of the bottom-feeder that hang around Cocolishi, and BESTUURSKANTOOR, in hallways and foyers, doing little or close to nothing!!


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January 14, 2021
Rona Coster