Another distraction: Suspended AZV director Ruben Goedhoop

We were told laconically that the AZV CEO was suspended, by the minister who dropped him into that position in June 2018, as a qualified numbers man, with a sterling reputation.

My first reaction was: Our fantastic MinTvs takes responsibility for nothing. This will back-fire. Goedhoop is an ethical professional, you cannot flush him down the toilet at whim.

Doesn’t GOA take decisions, dictate policies, then allows the technocrats at the helm of its branches to execute the policy?

If the policy breaks, whose responsibility is it?

Elementary, my dear Watson, the minister’s, of course.

So you’re gonna replace an apple with a pear. So what? Both are fruit. What Can cousin so-and-so do better than Ruben Goedhoop? Kowtow deeper? He is a tall man, so kneeling, forehead touching the floor might be a bit awkward, but I am sure he’d try.

Given the difficulty of the times, the issue why the director was suspended is NONSENSE, the excuse of the contract with Lite Life Medicab to transport dialysis patients, lame. Ridiculous.

You are all wasting our time with pipi-kaka issues, illegal spearfishing, picking fights with ministers and parliamentarians, you are meddling at AZV, at the AIRPORT – what do you mean the airport cannot offer packages to retiring employees, you’re slow cooking that business to death – all in an effort TO AVOID dealing with the GREAT DEPRESSION. You should focus on our salvation, instead!

Make up your mind:

Do you want us to stay a banana republic, in the backwaters of the Caribbean with opportunists as rulers surrounded by poor, ignorant people, or you’d rather we become a progressive, high-performing culture, surrounded by empowered and engaged people?

You have to decide today. 

Because I see tens of thousands of people on the island dependent on hand-outs, and GOA would rather die, than lift a finger to help.

If you can’t sign, or don’t want to, for FEAR of losing the upcoming election, if you have no vision for our future, you don’t know where to start the reform, you are overwhelmed by our need, we understand, it is astronomical, MOVE OVER, let someone else do it.

We are fortunate to be part of the Dutch kingdom that just announced extending financial help to the BES island till July 2021.

So, stop the nonsense, let’s talk about important things. MinPres: Let us know where we stand, with the Dutch-Aid agreement.

For every old DEEP MEP voter you lose for signing, you will gain two new ones!

Banana republic?

High-performing culture?

What shall it be?  

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October 19, 2020
Rona Coster