Annual Customer Service Awards at Caribbean Palm Village Resort

Caribbean Palm Village Resort recently recognized the recipients of its 2017 Customer Service awards, at a special luncheon hosted by management at Sweet Peppers restaurant.

The award annually goes to the department with the greatest level of guest satisfaction, as reported by guests visiting the resort that year; the award was designed by board members Dr. Craig A. Zendzian and Dan Maloof in 2012 and is based on weekly surveys completed by guests, helping determine the level of service excellence, provided by all departments.

At the start of each year each department submits annual goals which Caribbean Palm Village Resort managers and staff strive to fulfill. These goals are taken into account by the board of directors when choosing the department to receive the “Customer Service Satisfaction Award.”

Teamwork and commitment to improving services already provided by staffers are the main reasons behind the success of the property, its welcoming atmosphere, and friendly experiences reported by guests during their stay.

This year’s award was shared between the Customer Service & Yield Department (CSYD) and the hardworking Housekeeping Department.

Daisy Gomez of Customer Service & Yield, and Cristina Galindo, Executive Housekeeper, received the awards on behalf of their department. Dr. Zendzian thanked the 36 employees for their dedication to excellence and stated that for the 4th consecutive year, the overall rating of guests completing the survey indicated their experiences as being “above and beyond their expectations.” They also state in their remarks that Caribbean Palm Village Resort is their “home away from home” when visiting the Caribbean.

A wall plague located at the Caribbean Palm Village Resort reception area proudly lists the award recipients of each year. Additionally, all winning department members receive a commemorative pin which honors their efforts. Competition between departments for being named recipients of the award has increased over the years making the award ceremony very special for everyone.

Robert and Ann Yorks along with Roger and Linda Brooks, as well as owners and invited guests, attended the ceremony and represented the membership.

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January 03, 2017
Rona Coster