Annemiek van Vliet, an Aruban at heart, shows at the Westin Art Gallery

Ivan2 033Born in Holland, but raised in Aruba, Annemiek van Vliet is Aruban at heart. Her love of nature developed from a very young age, as well as her desire to capture her memories on film.

Living abroad during her studies made this desire even stronger, and she took as many pictures of Aruba as possible and showed them off to friends not lucky enough to know this beautiful island.

Working full time at a law office and as a free-lance translator as a side job, Annemiek calls herself a hobbyist photographer. Whenever she gets a little free time she likes to take long hikes to photograph works of nature, in addition to the works of man in architectural form, locally or abroad.

Several of Annemiek’s pictures have been published in books, calendars and magazines. This is her first photo exposition. Titled Aruba: The Femine Perspective,  the show displays nature photos by local photographers Janine Flanegin, Rosalie Klein and Annemiek van Vliet. It willl run till mid November at the Westin art gallery. The art gallery is open to the public from 9 a.m. till 10 p.m. every day of the week. The pictures are for sale and can be reprinted in different sizes. For art gallery and sales information, please call  tel.: 743 4080.

Annemiek reports the expo is a long-lived dream, and it was not easy to make a final selection of works, as she had so many she wanted to show. Her aim is to please and hopefully surprise viewers with a different angle and perspective on Aruba’s not-so-obvious treasures.


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October 01, 2009
Rona Coster