Angelique Lacle, wins the Shoco Award, for Tour guide of the Year

The Minister of Tourism, Transportation and Labour and the Aruba Hotel and Tourism Association presented the Shoco National Tourism Awards of Excellence 2011, this past Friday, at the end of the first Tourism Summit, in a festive gathering at the Renaissance Convention Center.

The gala evening celebrated recognitions of outstanding achievements in tourism, awarding Angelique Lacle, Narrator, SeaWorld Explorer, the coveted Tour Guide of the Year, SHOCO National Award of Tourism 2011.

While in past years the Shoco recognitions were bestowed by the Aruba Hotel & Tourism Association, this year the awards were taken over by the Ministry of Tourism, Transportation and Labour, lending the program extra stature which accompanies official government citations. AHATA however remained as one of the proud main sponsors in conjunction with Digicel and Caribbean Mercantile Bank.

Angelique received a perfect score on her Technical Competency and Hospitality Skills on the Shoco award nomination form. She has been with the SeaWorld Explorer Operations for over two years coming from Atlantis Submarine Operations, where she worked as a tour guide for more than 8 years. Angelique brings knowledge and passion to her job, extreme friendliness and an ever-present smile. She has helped thousands of visitors explore the depth of 150 feet at the south side of the island as she shared her vast knowledge of marine life and coral reefs with submarine passengers.  She now educates, informs and entertains guests cruising the Arashi reefs and the visiting the Antilia ship wreck on board the SeaWorld Explorer with enthusiasm and high energy.

This combination of profound knowledge and outgoing and accommodating personality makes Angelique a perfect tour guide, earning her the island’s highest decoration.

Picture here, Angelique collecting a hug from Otmar Oduber the Minister of Tourism, on her way to the stage to receive her award from hotelier Ed Malone, at the Renaissance Convention Center. Also pictured here Angelique with her De Palm Tours management colleagues.

The Shoco is considered Aruba’s national bird. The small Borrowing Owl is a symbol of wisdom, resourcefulness, focus, vision and a keen sense of direction.

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December 08, 2011
Rona Coster