Andean wisdom in Aruba

Carlos Jorge Illapuma, a descendant of the Q’ero nation in Peru, a Quechua-speaking community, was invited by Centro Quivit to come to Aruba between November 27 and December 11 to share his ancestral Andean wisdom and healing techniques.

He will conduct sessions and trainings at the center, adjacent to St Michael Pavilion, and also agreed to share his energy with the seniors of Centro Quivit and YMCA in St Nicolaas. 

Last Wednesday, he conducted an evening talk at the library, which I attended, my eyes were closing, I came from exercise, but before my lights turned off for the day, I learned the following:

A number of years ago, Andrew Fingal from Aruba met Carlos in Peru, in the Cusco region, was incredible affected by his physical, emotional and spiritual energy and invited him to Aruba.

Carlos showed up with his healing stones, his ceremonial poncho and his earflap Chullo hat, prepared to share his knowledge, teachings and healing techniques with Andrew and his friends. It was a success.

Then they repeated it once more.

The current visit is his 3rd, and each time he amasses more fans and followers, who are fascinated by his charisma, as he tried in his travels, to help restore people’s innate knowledge and awaken their higher awareness to prepare them for self-realization of a healing nature.

I know, we drifted away from nature and instinct and this Andean cosmovision for Energy, Balance and Self-Healing sounds a bit like Chinese, but I am attracted to the idea and will have a session, about managing my energy, with Carlos on Thursday.

From the Center’s press release:

Carlos travels to Aruba between November 27th and December 11th 2018, with the intention to collaborate in the growing awareness of the human race to conserve our natural resources and to awaken the magician that lives in each and every one of us and other living light-beings.

He will also teach techniques such as “Manage your Energy” or “Create your Own Universe” in a series of mini-workshops in the weekend of December 1st and 2nd at Centro Quivit where he will share the (self) healing rituals of the Andes. On December 8 and 9 there will be “Yachay,” initiations in a sacred location of Parke Arikok. Carlos will be available for private consults, private healings, Andean oracles and individual offerings for health, fortune and cleansing purposes. For appointments and Information on the workshops contact Whatsapp 593 9133 or email [email protected]

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December 01, 2018
Rona Coster