And Then There Were None

And Then There Were None is a mystery novel, an old best seller by Agatha Christie, I read it in my youth: Ten mysterious murders unfold, yet the criminal leaves clues behind, with every person he knocks off, he eliminates one of the ten Little Indian figurines that sit on the dining room table. And then one morning, there were none!

Just like GOA’s department heads, one morning we’ll wake up and they’d be none, all gone to the guillotine.

Many months ago, a hand-written list of the government department heads circulated. Its title said it all:  Those who must go. There were eighteen names on the list. Nine are already gone, that’s 50%, not bad for a few months of work since September.

At this rate you eliminate one a month, play nice first, close in for the kill, assassinate his/her character, get entangled with lawyers in court, then leave the scandal hanging. Abandoned. Whatever.

I suggest to round everyone up, a la San Nicholas Razia, and conduct a mass firing, why do it one by one, if you can do it all at one time??

Robert Henriquez, suspended for 30 days, follows the footsteps of Jerry Starring, Alwin Koolman, Elio Blijden, Anco Ringeling, Gerald Fingal, Isabel Dammers, and more, some were spared the humiliation, but all NINE are out of a job!

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July 27, 2018
Rona Coster