And then God Invented Video

They keep telling me that video is the most important tool in the digital world, we can’t do with it!

This week we were treated to a super cheesy but cute video starring the lovely Kimberly Kuiperi, promoting the island to a celebrity Italian millionaire businessman, Gianluca Vacchi, inviting him to celebrate his 50th birthday on the island, all expenses paid. The video was created and shot by a Colombia ad agency, and you can see it posted on:

In fact it is worth watching, Aruba looks lovely.

So by now you are asking, if that man is a millionaire businessman, why does he need us to foot the bill for his 50th birthday celebration? Why can’t he pay his own way?

AHA, it turns out he is an instagram sensation, billed as the Happiest Man on the Planet, with 10.7million followers. Imagine if he took Kimberly up on her invitation, the island would have instant access to 10.7million like-minded people around the world.

Forgive me, with all due respect, but they are 10.7M morons. I checked gen-xer Gianluca Vacchi out, he is an attention-craving cross between US President Donald Trump and Playboy founder Hugh Hefner, with some machismo similarities to Vladimir Putin, in his beefcake, bare-chested appearances on horses, boats and motorcycles.

Billed as the new coolest man on instagram, this guy is a world class narcissist, severely affected by fear of aging, a 49 year old tattoo-covered Peter Pan, refusing to age by dating young women, and hanging around in expensive silk pajamas. As I said Hugh Hefner, with just 514K followers on instagram — all in wheels chairs by now — invented this old trick in the 1953, when he first published Playboy magazine.

To add insult to injury, GV is a pathetic dancer, though he fancies himself a Reggaeton star. Notably, he keeps a carrot in his pocket when photographed. I had the privilege of watching an Instagram video where he emerged from a sub zero liquid nitrogen tank with a hard on. Really?!

Anyway, we invited him for an all expenses paid birthday party on the island. So now you know what’s trending. And it’s too funny!

#Gianlucanecesitasaruba @gianlucavacchi

Another silly video I had the privilege to view was one starring a student & entrepreneur, with moderate political view, he says, whatever that means, #29 on the AVP list, the sexy youth representative, landing on a beach with his Sea-doo, talking straight into the camera, to me, telling me he came to get me to join the “Entregamento di e lista AVP.” Get there, he commands, then having dispatched the stern message, the hunk mounts his watercraft, and pumps it back into the sunset!

So video is important, to show us how shallow we’ve become.

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August 07, 2017
Rona Coster