And the winner is

MinPres announced yesterday that the long search has come to fruition. GOA identified Consortium Quanten LLC,,  and Eagle LNG, as operators of the now mothballed and defunct RDA.

Why would anyone in his right mind want to operate a refinery when the margins on oil long-term are practically nil, is a mystery. And they say they are prepared to invest 3.5 BILLION, for a fully operational refinery, while all other Caribbean operations are experience difficulties to open and Shell is selling seven.

We all know what’s in it for MinPres. Elections are coming, and they promised 1,000 to 2,000 jobs.

I first heard about Quanten LLC from concert-promoter Karl Welch. Does it ring a bell? He is partner in that California outfit, sharing ownership with what seems like two nice Jewish boys Jeff & Jerry, electrical contractors.  Not engineering.

How do we know Karl Welch?

Soul Beach Music Festival, together with Mark Adkins, and we can even trace the connection back to stand-up comedian Sinbad, David Adkins, their brother. They started SBMF in Aruba light-years ago and were in a habit of receiving generous subsidies from GOA and the ministry of tourism, why stop now?

Two years ago, Welch left the concert business and got into Quanten LLC. According to their website they are into “high technology and power related” projects. The parenthesis are theirs, not mine. And they are peculiar. Why would they place their expertise in parenthesis? The website claims they did work in Curacao. I am asking around.

On May 12th, 2020, Welch surfaced on my chat and asked to find out about the oil terminals, he wanted to keep it confidential, he needed Otmar Oduber’s contact numbers.

Welch got in touch another time for information about RDA board members. I shared what I knew, not much, I never dreamed his company with ZERO refinery experience, armed with just Otmar Oduber’s telephone number would win the race. He said they were ready to move ahead, they had money, he realized they were facing 29 competitors, but was confident.

A few weeks later he reported Quanten Consortium is still on the list of 7 potential investors, he was hoping to win, because they had plans to support the refinery AND the power company – he did not call it by name — by adding renewable energy to both, providing added power at NO cost.  

They wanted to build a petrochemical plant for future export business for Aruba.

They would be supporting local small businesses, and creating a Tech center to build an Incubator/Accelerator program to support/fund small tech businesses on island.

He was on fire.

They would be designing a Data Center that would provide employment for the multi-lingual locals, build/support medical facilities here, create events to support tourism, and so so much more…

Best of all they had $3.5B to spend, upgrading and maintaining.

I thought I died and went to heaven.

Aruba is my second home, Welch explained, and I would love to create a lasting financial legacy to help benefits, foundations and more 

Spoken like a true humanitarian.

They were working with a few locals here, he informed, consultant is Victor Marval, and were talking to the selection committee, and KBR, an entity familiar with the repair needs of the mothballed and defunct RDA.

Welch dropped a few names, he said they had many people in their court, Chem Energy, Honeywell, the US State department and the Department of Energy, they were also trying to secure Shell and Exxon.

They knew the condition of the refinery, BUT understood its true potential, based on the partners they have brought into this deal, including UC Berkeley and Dr. Dan Kammen, a Nobel Prize Winner, who will work on building the refinery out to run on complete renewable energy and to use the CO2 to actually benefit the island…

Solar Park, yes, they will build large Solar, Wind, Bio-gas and petrochemical plants and use the CO2 for tree growth. That’s nice.

The last I heard, they were on an island to diligently secure the bid for the refinery/docs/terminal!

Then MinPres announced they are the chosen ones.

My snoopy friends tell me Quanten Consortium home address is a private residence in Houston TX, so the multibillion dollar headquarters of the new refinery has nice landscaping in the suburbs, hardly a business address. The address is registered to TGT, Inc., a technology company, working in five sub-Sahara African countries.    

There were no names associated with EAGLE LNG.

GOA will make money without fail or harm for the next two transition years and we can have access to rebuilding the entire terminal without fail, Welch concluded.

Dear readers, what do you think?


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December 08, 2020
Rona Coster