An Island Away the Stories Behind the Story

The International Friends of Aruba monthly book club had the rare and delightful occasion of hosting author and IFA member Daniel Putkowski at the home of Rick and Mashelle Zeolla. Daniel and his wife Heather joined the well attended evening to share the inside story behind Dan’s recently published novel An Island Away.  In addition, Dan fielded question after question by the group as to the “who’s, what’s and where’s” of virtually each detail of his novel. The good natured author answered every inquiry and expounded on each with anecdotes of his own from the extensive research he had done in preparation for the book. Set in San Nicolaas, the tale sheds light on a less well known side of Aruba, namely the St Nicolas Red Light district.  The subject matter made for an extended book club, but a most noteworthy and enjoyable one.

For more information on Daniel and his work, visit In Aruba, the book is available at most hotel gift shops, local book stores and the famed Charlie’s Bar. Outside Aruba purchase a copy at select Barnes and Noble stores, as well as on line at,, and

The IFA Book club meets monthly and is only one of many regular events sponsored by the organization. The December/January selection is His Illegal Self by Peter Carey. Membership is open to everyone. Visit or email them at [email protected]

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November 30, 2008
Rona Coster