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I always say I have been a fan of chef Urvin Croes from the second he landed back in Aruba having studied and worked in Europe.

He’s had a few incarnations and the recent one with Infini and Poke Ono, two different successful food concepts, he seems to be happy and creative, surrounded by talented kitchen staffers and grateful guests.

It should be noted that Chef Urvin is a tireless mentor, and his young cooks are enjoying careers in various local restaurants thanks to the good methodology and work habits instilled by him in his own kitchens.

This time we found Patricia from Barcelona, learning the secret of the trade under the wings of Chef Urvin’s right hand, Chef de Cuisine Ashwin Maduro, and Gerald Herero, Kitchen Chef. She’ll go far, she has great focus and attention to detail.

12 Course Chef’s Impression

The Chef’s Table dining experience @Infini offers an extensive 12 course Chef’s Impression, prepared in full view of patrons. A delicious wine pairing is also offered, and I have to say I liked all selections especially the Perrier Jouet champagne, Grand Brut, that welcomed us at 6:45pm, on the patio.

Three hours later we returned to that lovely spot for a three course dessert adventure, with the crown jewel, Chef’s Bolo Preto, a prune, chocolate, rum, cherry and passion fruit wonder, with gold flakes on top.

We nibbled for three hours, service was impeccable by two divas, Jessica, restaurant manager and sommelier, and Yanika, both incredibly knowledgeable.

The seasonal menu introduces Chef Urvin’s take on authentic Caribbean dishes which he infuses with a masterful zing, resulting in unique flavors and picture perfect presentations.

Chef Urvin is an artist. He paints with food; he sculptures with ingredients.

The starters Beef Machada, Avocado and Pickled Onion stuffed Journey Cake; Corn, Moringa and Mango infused Pisca Tempera and Goat Cheese, Egg Yolk, and Creole Sauce Tartelet, set an amazing mood for the evening, paired with La Marimorena, Spanish Alvarinho.

The bread and butter. A true wow. T2Pan’s Sourdough and flavored butter hit the spot.

One of my favorite dishes was a roasted red beet, cured, marinated, spiked, smoked and twirled, taking a low-ranking veggie to the height of grand cuisine.

The Curried Lobster, enjoyed a little cloud of pandan rice foam, who doesn’t like curry. Who doesn’t like lobster? It was escorted by a crisp heaped with lobster salad and Royal Dutch Baeri caviar.

Beyond description, paired with Hampton Water, from the south of France, a rose created by Jon Bon Jovi, what’s not to like.

Caribbean Salad, that looked like a modern painting, Jerked Chicken, with plantain and sweet potato, and Bistec Encebollada, with Certified Angus short ribs — we marched on determined, with more carefully curated wine selections, wishing the evening never ends.

This chef’s table dining experience is limited to just 18 guests. Book your culinary journey with Infini by calling:

+1-305-420-6432 (USA)

+297-280-8869 or +297-699-3982 (Aruba)

Or send an email to [email protected]


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December 04, 2021
Rona Coster