Amazonia Churrascaria is a Popular Dinner Destination among Visitors and Locals

Amazonia fam (1)Amazonia Churrascaria requires little introduction. The Brazilian Steak House is a “Rodizio” style eatery where waiters, dressed as southern Brazilian Gauchos move from table to table carrying skewers of meat, from which they slice generous portions of grilled meat for their guests. Amazonia Churrascaria serves up to 16 different cuts of meats, including beef, pork, lamb and chicken, cooked over a custom-designed, 100% wood charcoal grill and seasoned with rock salt to accent the individual tastes of each cut. The restaurant also offers a grand premium hot and cold salad bar, featuring fresh salads, vegetables and seafood specialties and is a great favorite among locals and visitors.

Pictured here from Divi Golf, Willem van Elderen taking his wife out for dinner; local family Solagnier, after a long day of work, took their tourist friends & family members from Long Island, NY, who have been to Aruba more than 20 times, for delicious, memorable dinner; the Urquizas, from Venezuela, staying at Brickell Bay Beach Resort and brothers Coco and wives, from St Louis, Missouri and Austin, Texas, respectively, visiting Aruba for the last 6 years, and always visiting Amazonia Churrascaria for dinner in spite of their all-inclusive status and the Occidental Grand Aruba! Which really says something about the food and the ambiance at the unforgettable Amazonia Churrascaria.

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September 11, 2009
Rona Coster