Amazonia Churrascaria celebrates Thanksgiving by pardoning Turkey

While Turkeys got a reprieve, beef did not, served deliciously seasoned and perfectly grilled at busy tables at Amazonia Churrascaria on Thanksgiving Day.

Some international guests never even realized it was Thanksgiving Day, they were in the mood for steak and steak they got, in limitless quantities to their heart’s content.

From Sweden, staying at the Mill Resort & Suites, Mr and Mrs Edstrom, on their first visit to Aruba, enjoyed every bite of the carnivorous experience. First timers in Aruba, the Salems, from NY, did too, forgoing Turkey and all the trimming in favor of juicy flavorful beef, chicken and lamb. On a repeat-repeat visit to the restaurant the Maitland from Illinois and Michigan, and the Maderazzo from California and Nevada. Family members enjoyed quality time in community, celebrating the spirit of the holiday together.

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November 24, 2011
Rona Coster