All we could do is speculate

The sabotage/vandalism of the Setar fiber optic cable must have been an inside job, and by that I do not mean a disgruntled Setar employee – though they must have some, what I mean is perhaps someone affiliated with an outside contractor who dug in the area and knew what to look for.

I wouldn’t know it’s a fiber optic cable, if I stumbled on it.

Ask yourself, why would anyone dig up and severe a fiber optic cable and take a gas station, a bank, a McDonald’s and Setar off line and out of business?

Think robbery.

Logically, robbing a bank should start with a severed fiber optic cable.

We must think of a bigger picture and there was a robbery at the McDonald’s where they forced the entrance and inside doors open, spray painted the security camera, just like in the movies, and forced the safe open, where according to management little was taken.

And those were serious doors.

It must have been a team of people. Did the neighbors hear anything? That roundabout has no neighbors.

Which brings to mind the way Setar installations come about.

Setar hires outside contractors.

They in turn hire just about anyone with two hands.

The most vulnerable and valuable infrastructure is laid by an un-vetted crowd, zero security checks — here is the cable, now dig, dig, dig.

I guess they will have to re-think that process.


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January 29, 2022
Rona Coster