Alcohol is not the problem, alcoholism is

We had a sad weekend, a young man who found his death in the pool on Palm beach, two woman and a baby killed in a car accident at Seroe Colorado, and a motorcyclist who fell victim to a collision with a car earlier in the week.

The Seroe Colorado event was alcohol related. The two others? Most probably.

Dilma Arends Geerman, a journalist, decided to open the conversation on her FB page and posted: It’s about time to discuss alcohol abuse.

Every one agreed 100%. Alcohol is the devil.

Alcohol, alcohol.

No one talked about Alcoholism.

The island of Aruba with a bit of Indian blood running in vein, falls in the statistic of 15% alcoholics in the general population.

One and a half person, in ten, among us, is an alcoholic, with a genetic pre-disposition to bebe bay off.

(And add to that another 15% of those directly involved with them, and closely affected, who enable them)

Alcoholism is a serious disease, just like diabetes, it cannot be completely cured, but it can be arrested, its progression stopped.

But no one talks about alcoholism, and how to live with an alcoholic, because of the stigma attached to the disease.

We should talk about alcoholism.

FIFTEEN percent of our population SUFFERS from it.

They suffer. The shame, the guilt, the powerlessness.

Drinking for an alcoholic is not a choice, it’s an obsessive-compulsive disorder.

They have to drink like we have to pee, they feel the urge they cannot control.

They do not choose to leave the house, practice drifting at neck-breaking speed in Seroe Colorado, and kill three people, they have one drink, then that drink takes a drink, and a few pills, and off they go into madness.

We need to teach the symptoms, people should be able to recognize it. Right now, no one knows what they are looking at. They think its irresponsible behavior, it is not.

It is the disease of alcoholism. And it cannot go untreated.

And alcohol is not the problem. It’s just something we consume, in moderation, like watermelon, or chocolate.


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October 04, 2022
Rona Coster