Remember? The awards were taken back by AHATA, who vowed to do a better job on the presentation. They did. It was a well-planned evening last night, with an elegant Champagne reception, with dinner in a tastefully decorated Hyatt Regency ballroom, good food, free flowing wines, beautiful people, capable emcees, and a fast and furious program. Best of all, N’Fuzion, featuring the too-handsome Ofo Escudero, with salsa, meringue, bachata and son montuno, for dessert.

De Palm Tours was a major sponsor of the festivities, giving back to the hospitality community and CMB donated the funds for two scholarships, with a commitment for next year as well.

The foreplay leading to the event was orchestrated by legendary Vanessa, from AHATA, with cute video clips published on social media introducing the 36 nominees in five categories. That was well done too.

Our new MinTour graced the event with his presence. He said he couldn’t stay away, he had to attend. Of course. I gave him my card and he apologized his aren’t done yet. Apparently he inherited the office of Richard Arends, who left it in good shape and was kind to the incoming team, in glaring contrast to MOST other outgoing ministers who shredded all paperwork and emptied their spaces, carting away computers, chairs and printers. Literally cleaning up. MinTour brought his home printer to work, during that first week of transition. We agreed we will continue to talk and I told him about my 100 honeymoon days with him; he promised to make me happy for the next four years.

Back to the party. We had a wonderful time dancing and socializing.

#nowomen = There were no women finalists, five men won, in five categories, Employee of the Year, Supervisor of the Year, Manager of the Year, Young Tourism Professional of the Year, and LifeTime Achievement Award – #nowomen, though they represented 31% of the nominees. They did not shine?! Incidentally, the judges’ panel of three, included one woman, 33%.

#lowoncontent #rushed = We would have loved to see the full version of the nomination video of the five winners so that we understand why they won, and what makes them a role model. Please show some video next year, and add the nominee/winner’s resort and position to slides.

Otherwise, don’t change a thing, Good job

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December 02, 2017
Rona Coster