After the BIG Purge

Sadly, the dark forces won, the Evil Empire came out on top.

Perhaps temporarily, perhaps not.

The Galactic Empress now carries the portfolios of General Affairs, Integrity, GOA’s Management, Innovation & Energy, as well as the ousted minister’s load: Spatial Development, Infrastructure AND Environment.

They must be all VERY afraid of Marisol Lopez Tromp to drive her out with such vengeance and determination.

She is holding dirt on every single one of ‘them.’

Cheech & Chong in their daily radio duet reported that ministers were given terrain to be exploited for personal use and benefit.

I will not be surprised if the story is true.

If she has the documents to prove it, then they are all running scared.

Parliamentarian Daphne Lejuez is clearly the only straight shooter left in the arena.

What will the Dutch kingdom say?

A minister uncovers hanky-panky within government circles, and the mice gang up, to send her packing, ASAP.

The CEO of AZV will find employment in the private sector, not to worry. But his shameless firing sent a signal telling all educated, ambitious talent, potentially prepared to enter government service, that these fancy-titled jobs are electric-chair jobs, with the minister’s finger on the switch. Ruben, was a top-tier candidate but in reality that position requires a yes-man, not a thinker.

The TeleAruba anchor that was sent on a two-week vacation, I saw her exercising in the morning, putting her just found freedom to good use. What threat did she represent to the station, as minister’s Marisol Lopez Tromp sister? The news broadcasts churned out by Telearuba, are always fabricated PR. Both AVP and MEP take turns force-feeding the masses their own party’s blubber, and TeleAruba reduced to a mouth-piece. Lelicia was always true to the station, for 12 years. She should be please that GOA considers her a threat. That is a compliment.

 I learned in school there are different levels of corruption.

The entry level, we are familiar with. Let’s say you have a modest mango plantation, and your neighbor walks in every once in a while and helps himself to some fruit.

You can relate, right? Like a cook carrying out some steak at the end of his shift. An office clerk stocking up on toilet paper for his home use. You working very hard, and paying taxes. Petty stuff. But it cripples a business, and burdens you.

Then there is a middle level, where the neighbor blatantly takes the tree over. Now all the fruit is his, none yours, though the land has been in your family for years and you always thought the tree, on the border of his property, was yours.

Think about it, entire segments of our economy are appropriated to benefit mysterious causes. Chunks of terrain, anything valuable. Think about how helpless you feel? How powerless? You have little influence over the events changing your life.

Of course the Grand Scale loss is the repossessing of your entire mango plantation, now nothing is yours. Venezuela? Now you have ZERO influence over the events changing your life.

That’s how I feel this morning. The BIG PURGE doesn’t seem right, doesn’t feel good. What’s next.

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October 23, 2020
Rona Coster