Acoustic Soul did it again, ever better!

dsc08503Jairo Boekhoudt, Armin Solognier, Jose Croeze, Angelo Kock and Jeremy Bonarriba, better known as ACOUSTIC SOUL, gave a fantastic concert Saturday night at Café Chaos, after midnight, an encore performance after they rocked the house with their electrifying Acoustic Soul Gone Metal, on Queen’s Birthday.

Vocalist Jairo Boekhoudt reports that Aruba’s only Rock party band staged yet another comeback, this time to a dancing, prancing, rocking, rolling and singing audience.

“The reception this time was even warmer,” Jairo says, “and we already thought we brought the house down last time; our fans came back for more, in bigger numbers, with a higher level of energy, and together the band and the audience, had a blast.”  

Besides singing a number of times a week with Billongo, the house band at Mr Jazz by Chucho Valdes, Jairo also serves as the supper club’s marketing guru.

Pictured here, the band in memorable action, at Café Chaos.

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May 20, 2009
Rona Coster