About the Stacking of Rocks

A physical therapist, with an environmental conscience, who according to his FB page lives in Amsterdam – we have 29 friends in common – started a hoopla a few days ago about the rock stacking gardens on the North Coast, condemning an ad that so called promoted the activity in a local tourist magazine, endorsed by the hotel association.

Rock stacking: This has been going on here for at least ten years, cruise ship passengers, resort guests and locals, have been stacking rocks in remote areas, to commemorate special moments, or make a wish; it has been going on in the universe since pre-historic times. Humans stack rocks, don’t ask me why.

It didn’t take long before some crafty jeweler started exploiting the silly sentiment, mass-producing and selling a trinket, as a reminder of the stacking; a coupon, a website and a hash tag followed. You know that the exploitation of sentiments is shameless.

Then in view of scarce advertising dollars, the publisher of the magazine accepted the advertising concept, why would he turn down an opportunity, to publicize an opportunist?!

So when the tempest in a teacup broke, the hotel association said sorry, the publisher pleaded not guilty, and the physical therapist with the environmental conscience gleefully posted a FUN day activity – his capitalization – on the North Coast, on Sunday, April 29th, titled “Rock Stacking Demolishing Derby,” please bring comfortable shoes and plenty of water, the FB invitation read.

Such as admirable environmental conscience. I am impressed. Having taken on the Aruba refinery, and the Parkietenbos dump, the citizens of this island are now up in arms against the stacking of rocks.

Well, you know I am dreaming, no one protested the refinery, and we’re all tired of talking about the dump, and the coral reef, and the trees, and the beach, but going out on a Sunday afternoon with a baseball bat, against rock? That’s definitely do-able. Not as complicated as taking on GOA and CITCO.

Honey, your priorities are screwed up. Take the energy and harness it to make the refinery go away. Leave the rocks along. They might actually mean something to somebody. Go after the fig fish, leave the guppies alone.

Or how about getting together on a Sunday afternoon with whitewash and brushes to clean all walls defiled by the graffiti criminal, accusing Aruba of being pro you-know-what?!

That would be a worthwhile public activity.

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April 27, 2017
Rona Coster