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This column was written by a reader, in reaction to my column, in which I commiserated with the GPs on the island. There are two sides to every story:

About the huisartsen: I honestly do not feel bad for them. For many years the huisartsen, not all, have been giving horrible service in de eerste lijn, as first in the line of health defense. Not easy to make appointments, all kinds of stupid little rules how to get an appointment, either in person of between 7 and 7:30, or only by phone between 8 and 8:15am. Huisartsen spent time on giving Botox injections instead of attending to sick patients in need.

Still today you have huisartsen setting up Corona testing facilities to make some extra money on the side instead of doing what they are supposed to do. So when the whole world has to give, a portion of their salary, why is it such a problem for them to give 5.5%?

It is not right.

Where were they, most of them, when Covid19 broke out?

In normal times it was already difficult to get an appointment with them, imagine what happened when the pandemic broke out.

Thanks to the Netherlands, and the Loonsubsidie program we were able to all get salaries on the Dutch islands.

Then the Netherlands organized the shipment of vaccines.

That was fantastic.

Remember the Netherlands covered up to 60%, then the employer pitched in, sometimes not, but EVERYONE had to give. Most people received 80% of their salaries or less!

So we have to feel bad for the huisartsen?


They are a bunch of cry-babies, and if some of them want to leave, be our guest.

We will find others who are willing to work, and serve their community, from early morning to late afternoon and beyond, because that is the nature of their business.

As for the case they lost: The Judge basically said they can appeal. He also said that 5.5% will not kill them. And you know what, if they say it will, it means they cannot manage their finances, or there are driving a too-expensive car, but they are free to go.

If they stay, they have to stop crying. Everyone had to give.

HOW DARE THEY COMPLAIN, when people in the tourism sector are going bankrupt, hotels losing millions, tourism employees surviving on reduced salaries and no tips; and they complain about 5.5% reduction??
And offer deplorable service!!

They earn a huge salary, compared to 95% of the population, and we cannot even get them on the phone.

The judge gave a good verdict.

While we should NEVER cut nurses’ salaries in the hospital – they deserve more, they sure stepped up to the plate, the huisartsen, did not.

They should take a very good look at themselves in the mirror and take a course at being more service oriented. Perhaps at the hotel school??

As far as we know, the group that gets most complaints at AZV, are the huisartsen.

Disclaimer: Lucky me, I have a very caring, on the ball GP, with competent nurse and admin, who answer emails efficiently.


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June 02, 2021
Rona Coster