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Volunteers for SM

At the AHATA membership meeting just recently Ricky Tromp and Ruben Ibarra of the Red Cross shared a bit of their distressing experience in St Maarten, during hurricane Irma. They talked briefly about the devastation and then announced they are still looking for volunteers to fly the following day to St Maarten for 12 days, to work under minimal condition and help out their operations there.

It was a surprise announcement. Ricky talked about the need to rough it while there; no hotel rooms, just bare necessities, and Ruben spoke about the need to be tough, in order to face the incredible hardship to humanity.

Raise your hand if you can go tomorrow, they asked. In a perfect world they would have had a lot of volunteers but in reality we’re all tied down by our obligations.

HOWEVER, dear reader, if you have some time on your hands and are willing to live rough and be tough, and if you can work under pressure, the Red Cross needs you. Get in touch with them via Face book, you will get 4 hours of training, and join the next mission of mercy!

About fundraising

La Cabana beach Resort & Casino recently gave a donation to Koningin Wilhelmina Fonds, and I was touched when superwoman Lupita Croes spoke about the needs of the foundation. The contribution comes in handy, she said, as the targeted group of Arubans stricken by cancer is growing, parallel to the expenses involved.

Among the expenses noticeably increased, transportation of patients to treatment facilities, airline tickets to Colombia and the Netherlands for specialized procedures and stipends for those accompanying their loved ones for treatment abroad. These increases are putting a financial strain on the foundation.

According to Croes, 2017 has not been a good year for the Cancer Foundation, funds are scarce, and the independent, unsubsidized Wilhelmina Fonds, relying on the annual street collection and other community initiatives, is struggling to maintain the level of support services required.

The foundation, however, is very grateful to the generous Aruban community, but unfortunately, funds raised do not cover the yearly expenses anymore.

If your organization is fundraising for the community, remember Koningin Wilhelmina Cancer Foundation, cancer never goes out of business.

Everyone wants a free Bike

I bought an Awg 650 bike for a member of my household this summer, and when he no longer used it, I tried to sell it at half the price. Let me tell you, it is impossible to sell an almost new second-hand bike in Aruba.

So I decided to give it away, to someone who provides me with a good reason, on messenger. The result? I got dozens of requests from people who needed my free bike, for their sons, their daughters, to lose weight, to lower cholesterol, to replace a stole bike, to visit grandparents, you name it. Everyone needed a free bike. Anyway, a cute 11 year old finally got it. He wanted to join his older brother exploring the neighborhood. His wish was granted.

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October 05, 2017
Rona Coster