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In a recent ATSA meeting, the Aruba Timeshare Association, General Manager Richard Roy reported to his colleagues that the company name “Tropicana Entertainment” was sold in October 2018 in the USA, and that the resort in Aruba was allowed to continue to use the name for six months, but has chosen to change to EAGLE ARUBA RESORT & CASINO early, in order to start the new year with a fresh name, logo and identity.

While the name changed, the ownership remained the same, and business, according to the GM, is pacing better for the spring of 2019 than spring 2018. Keep in mind that 2018 was a banner year, simply fantastic.

The most recent phase of construction of 100 rooms just wrapped up December 15th.  With the contractor on vacation until January 10th work will resume on the next block of rooms, when vacation is done. Ownership has invested 19 million dollars in renovations so far and the next phase will represent another 9 million, bringing the total investment up to 28 million.

Richard Roy reports that his guests consist of timeshare owners and transient travelers who love the resort’s Eagle Beach location, and the comfort of the spacious, full kitchen, vacation villas. If they don’t wish to cook, the Double Down Sports Bar & Grill at the casino offers all day dining and gaming and Uncle Tony’s pizza is a fun spot to grab a bite, on the pool deck.

“We want to assure our guests and our 250 employees that we will look after their interest, and deliver as always, excellence in hospitality, fun in gaming and consistent value,” he adds.  

Nature Magazine names ten People who mattered this year, among them Anthony Brown

Anthony Brown is a star mapper, an astronomer by profession, who coordinated the release of Gaia’s long-awaited Milky Way data.

He has been in charge of the work of scientists of the European Space Agency since 2012, and together they managed to publish a 551-gigabyte catalogue detailing the positions and movement of more than 1.3 BILLION stars.

As an astronomer at Leiden Observatory in the Netherlands, Anthony leads a Data Processing and Analysis Consortium, of group of 400 and more researchers who have been crunching numbers sent to Earth by the Gaia spacecraft, which launched in 2013, to scan the sky. The researchers boiled down that data into precise information on stellar positions, and motion.

Simply put, Brown’s job was to provide the calm and systematic leadership for the team of scientists preventing them from going bonkers. No bad for a boy from Aruba.

Yup. He came here at the age of two, went to elementary school and Colegio Arubano, then spread his wings, and armed with a PHD became a tenured member of the faculty in Leiden.

While Anthony is famous in scientific circles, his siblings Patrick, Maura and Barbra Brown are famous in Aruba as top professionals, the brainy kids of the late, and fondly-remembered attorney Roy Brown.

Roy had six children, all high achievers, 2 boys, 4 girls, and was always proud of their individual accomplishments.

Apparently, Anthony got a telescope as a gift from an uncle at the age of 12. And look what happened!

The takeaway: Pay close attention to what you get your kids this Christmas     

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December 21, 2018
Rona Coster