About more administration & and bill payments

More administration, creating more wasteful work

DAO, the Department of Labor & Research, announced a new requirement for all companies. Having aced the FASE inscription and verification, DAO found it had too much time on its hands and decided on a new procedure.

More bureaucracy.

Normally, each company needs to submit a Personnel Register to DAO once a year, at the beginning of year. 

Due to COVID19, they are now requiring an additional mid-year personnel registry of all companies, with an August 9th deadline.

I just saw something similar as a requirement on my BOIMPUESTO portal.

So, SVB, DAO & IMPUESTO, require the same exact info, in different forms.

They keep us busy, though there is no value in that.  

A News Bulletin described what is required, a total of THREE different forms, one for past employees, one for present employees and one for future employment needs.

They are sending out the New Bulletin with MORE ADMINISTRATION WORK, because “we feel it is important to keep you well informed regarding all announcements, changes and information made available during this time…. Enclosed an update on changes….”

Then they reiterate it is mandatory to fill out all THREE forms, Model 1A, 1B and 1C.  If the company is not in demand of personnel, the company should fill-in ‘nihil’ or ‘none’ on model 1B and model 1C.

 Just incredible what you can come up when you’re bored!

FYI: The personnel register is available on the following websites: www.daoaruba.com or www.gobierno.aw.

The annual license plate parade

I got my plates. A GF agreed to line up, she told me about a little run around she experienced, from this window to the next, she had to get a proof of payment, on top of the one I provided her from my bank records, but who cares, she is unemployed and did not mind the unproductive exercise.

Most civilized countries try to make the payment of annual vehicle taxes as easy as possible for its people. Aruba does the exact opposite, requiring every vehicle-owner to personally visit the designated office, for the pleasure of standing in line. This incredibly unproductive procedure is there to allow Retraco an annual license plate income. Apologies, if it isn’t Retraco anymore. It’s someone. Someone is making money from the drill.  

For a fee, you could of course delegate the chore to a smart delivery service, I bet they did good business. Who wants to stand 4 hours in the sun?

Two years ago, with the silly sticker attempt, I thought we licked the challenge. But no, we fell right back on the old ways.

Obviously, the government knows the address of every vehicle-owner. As in other countries, it could send the owner a bill. Like WEB/Setar/Elmar/Serlimar. Then after the bill is paid, a sticker can be mailed perhaps, but according to me if you spot check and confiscate vehicles whose annual tax and insurance are unpaid, the incentive to settle both tax and insurance becomes pretty strong, and the pursuit of deadbeat payers, should be relegated to the police, with random checks ongoing.

Then we only need one license plate, for the life of the car, just one, no annuals variations.

I think this is part of a bigger issue: How to make us a bastion of compliance?

A bill is not a suggestion, it is an obligation, and Aruba was a law abiding society in the past, and WEB/Setar/Elmar/Serlimar have to figure out a way to get us back on track, paying our bills on time OR cracking down on our consumption.   

I just got a humble Serlimar bill in the mail, NOT computer generated. Just a photocopy of an office printer. I will pay it, because I am a bill-paying citizen.

If you expect your people to pay all their bills, then consistent spot checking compliance is a must.

Serlimar: How about an incentive for those who pay immediately and in one shot? Awg 270 a year instead of Awg 300. Every little bit help.

The Serlimar bill contained ‘a stick,’ a warning, if you don’t pay, the bailiff will come knocking, and you will be charged all fees.  

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July 16, 2020
Rona Coster