About election night 2021

We continue to be a politically conscientious island with 83.9% of eligible voters showing up at the polls in 2017, and 82.4% in 2021.

The drop might be contributed to June, a vacation month? Or to the recent clean up at Censo.

A total of 57,890 Arubans voted, in what can best be described, an orderly fashion.

The day was hazy, Sahara Dust, and smoky, Dera Gai, but otherwise a Carnival atmosphere permeated the streets, party-devotees zipped around in flag-loaded cars, locals sat on folding chairs on roadsides — as if waiting for the parade. They were cheering. Drinking too. A bit. Never mind.

TeleAruba did a decent job during the day, airing interviews and updates. It went boringly well through the night, with a single marathon-announcer, Yvo Yanes, reading the results as they streamed in.

After 7pm I finally sat down seriously in front of a TV and was still awake 2am when the AVP leader, Mike Eman, indicated he is ready to work for the country, and be part of its future government. Did I hear him say he wanted to become a coalition partner?

From early on it became clear that MEP would land 9 seats, 7 will go to AVP, 2 to RAIZ, and 2 to MAS, then later in the evening Accion21 also amassed enough votes for 1 seat.

In total 5 seats went to new parties, which is an indicator of voters’ desire to get away from the Pepsi – Coca Cola duality of our two big traditional parties.

As soon as his party’s accomplishment was announced Miguel Mansur, leader of Accion21, hopped in front of the camera suggesting a 3 small party block, 5 seats, to enter into coalition negotiations as one.

That would create a broad based GOA with 14 seats in conjunction with MEP. It will also give the small parties plenty of leverage to demand at least 3 ministerial portfolios, leaving much less for traditional MEP.

With political vectors pushing for structural changes, this can do a lot of good for the island, helping Evelyn Wever Croes with the burden of departmental management, so she can focus on COHO, and macro thoughts.

I insist it’s a good idea. Accion21, MAS and RAIZ could attempt to work together, voters would like that. If they fail in forming a government with MEP, they could attempt it with AVP, to my great chagrin, but that is not what voters want.

Other observations?

We found out Baboe Hoek’s real name is Raymond. He was one of the roving reporters, shooting footage and conducting interviews across the island.

In comparison to 2017, we were 906 voters lighter.

MAS hardly campaigned yet was rewarded with 4,606 votes. Its party leader’s message about championing integrity and fighting corruption, resonated well.

MEP lost 1,547 votes but came out ahead.

POR which fell apart over the last three years, lost 4,875 votes, escorting it out of the race.

AVP lost 5,431 votes, with a minister in jail, and a number of investigations looming overhead.

My friends remarked that with #29 on the AVP list campaigning in KIA, the correctional institute turned green.

PPA did not make it, though its party leader had some interesting ideas and capabilities.

RAIZ having worked very hard during the past years was rewarded with a 3,323 voters’ gain, for a total of 5,430 votes.

RED dropped off the map, attracting just 1,757 voters, down from 4,166 in 2017. Ricardo, we will miss you and your pranks. I would be mood-altering too, in your place.

I think CURPA could finally retire after a number of attempts, same for UPP, that has been trying for years.

As predicted HTC & PP, will disappear into oblivion.

The new also-ran parties PPA, 1,756, UPP, 615, HTC, 248, and PP, 552, did not make an impression on voters. The votes they obtained will be divided among seat-winning parties, landing a few of them an extra seat.

You can check Overheid.aw for further results later in the day.

Who were the vote-getters? We must wait and see.

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June 26, 2021
Rona Coster