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Everything costs 300-million these days, the Waste Incinerator, the Un-Natural Bridge, it’s the magic number.

The idea to ‘give back’ to Aruba its Natural Bridge, was first floated by Jan Ten Hove, from the Marine Corps Aruba. He unveiled it at TEDX, on the corps’ 350-year anniversary.

It was insane then. It is insane today.

I asked some of my friends to chime in:

 Reaction AGAINST

–Funny, the Dutch decided to ‘give us a gift,’ except, Aruba will have to for it. Typical. They have ZERO funds, obviously, they are planning to fund-raise in the community.

–Utter bullshit. It’s just like putting a ski jump on Jamanota.

–Traffic to the Collapsed Bridge is still very strong, no downturn al all, people are fascinated by disasters, an icon remains an icon even when fallen.

–There is money to be made in things falling down. Example the Parthenon or the Acropolis, in Athens, Greece, millions flock to see scattered remains.

— Schools need funds. Schools need AC. We need drug rehab centers. Childcare centers for working single parents. We urgently need elderly care for greying population. If someone wants to give Aruba a great gift, let us start with one of the above, instead of an “un-natural” bridge.


Reactions PRO

–I am against crazy projects but perhaps it is not that crazy! WWII destroyed most of the landmarks in Europe. And they were rebuilt. So now we can visit the Czar’s winter palace and garden in Peterhof, St Petersburg, the Russian Versailles, and it looks as good as new. Notre Dame is being rebuilt in Paris. One World Trade Center was rebuilt to replace the Twin Towers, even the White House was rebuilt after a fire.

–New Zealand was a remote destination with difficult weather, gorgeous, but tough, then someone said Bungee Jumping, 30 years ago, and now thrill-seekers from around the globe go to NZ to jump 134-meters off a platform, from the highest one, a 40-minute drive away from civilization. They created a thrill, an attraction, using their bridges and gorges, and now it’s a ‘thing,’ an ‘experience. Let’s take a 24-hour flight, go to NZ, jump off a cliff, head first.

Crazy. But money making.

Facts: In Sept 2005 the Natural Bridge collapsed. Tourists and locals continue to visit the site daily. What is the source of the attraction besides the ruins, and a baby bridge? Clean bathrooms courtesy of De Palm Tours, excellent pastechi, a great selection of souvenirs, and friendly service

The Plan: Build a 55-meter span, with a 3.5-meter diameter, carrying a maximum of 471 people of 100kg each (We’re working on the weight goal).

A foundation has been established to oversee the bride project to guarantee its upkeep and regulate access.  Current board members include: Jan ten Hove, Chairman, Folkert van der Woude, Rafael Estrada and Frederik Ph. (Junior) Tromp.

My suggestion, if you really want to make it happen, not that it’s a good thing: Register a company, and sell shares, OBLIGE ALL tour companies, planning on visiting the site, to become share-holders in the project, let those who will profit, pay for it, otherwise lubid-fugetaboutit

While building, you might as well add a Rotonda.

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July 31, 2019
Rona Coster