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This is yesterday’s column, published today, because my computer did not survive the shock of coitus interruptus with Elmar/WEB, Sunday night. The power pack blew, they did not have a spare HP power pack in the shop, guess what kid, you are getting a new machine.
So YES, it is true, I have a new computer, and setting it up with all the security codes, and passwords is tedious, but necessary evil, in view of all the hacking that goes on.
Some of my friends reported their Netflix got hacked, imagine saving $10 a month propels a geek to hack someone else’s account.
And please note I have four man-eating-dogs in charge of my office computer security, just saying.
I am collecting receipts, and will pick up a claim form from Elmar/WEB to report my loses. I heard Luis Oduber, with my own ears, informing the general public to pick up a form and claim their damages. I will follow up on that sound advice and will keep you in the loop
This year, on the occasion of King’s Day – his 52nd birthday, on April 27th, 2019, a total of 2,882 Royal Decorations were granted within the Kingdom of the Netherlands, including the Netherlands, Aruba, Bonaire, Curacao & St. Maarten.
A surprising number of Royal Decorations were awarded in Aruba, a total of 35 – 8 last year, in comparison.
The awards were bestowed by King Willem-Alexander’s representative on the island, His Excellent Governor Z.E. Alfonso Boekhoudt, in the presence of his wife, first lady Hanneke Boekhoudt-Koetse, at a special ceremony at the Renaissance Convention Center during the morning hours on Friday, following an elegant party with dance music in the evening.
Eleven of the eligible individuals, received a Knight’s decoration, and 24 received a Member’s decoration, both in The Order of Orange-Nassau. In total 57.14% males, 42.86% female. Remarkably, the percentage of females is much higher in Aruba, than the 35.05% female winners overall.
The Order of Orange-Nassau, established in 1892, may award six different degrees of decorations namely Knight Grand Cross, Grand Officer, Commander, Officer, Knight and Member.
The two last categories are used to reward and to publicly praise individuals for their voluntary work, and for their social contributions in the arts, sports, and education. To be appointed to the Order of Orange-Nassau, eligible individual must have made special contribution to society in general and their community in particular.
A total of 63 people were decorated in the Caribbean, with Aruba heading the list with 35, Curacao with 14, Bonaire with 1 and St Maarten with 3.
Among those decorated here, Elvis Lopez, curator Atelier 89, who single-handedly and on a shoestring budget manages to run a respectable art school with a full program of courses, exhibitions and events; Byron Boekhoudt, who is best known for his efforts in organizing our national Reef Care initiative, and fighting back the Lion Fish invasion, besides being active in fishermen circles; Evert Bongers, a High-Winds pioneer, who tirelessly organizes/judges the windsurfing event for 33 years – Imagine, he was the governor’s French teacher, once upon a time, when the official was still a tall, shy student –Desiree Eldering, the savior of the donkeys of the Aruba Donkey Sanctuary, where would the donkeys be without of passion for them; the first lady of dance Diane Antonette, who has instilled discipline and grace in hundreds of students over the past 50 years, at her Scol di Baile, Rolly Sint Jago, active in the art and culture scene, Desiree Correa in education and Rene Kan who mixers business with selfless service of his community.
Apologies for those left out, with just an initial I did not recognize their name.

Ridder in de Orde van Oranje-Nassau, bij bevordering:
• R.M. Wanapa-Luydens

Ridder in de Orde van Oranje-Nassau: Knight
Knight in the Order of Orange-Nassau is the 5th degree in this order and is more common than the higher degrees.
• D.L. Antonette
• N.M. van der Biezen
• D.C. Correa
• D.H.A. Eldering
• G.R. Gil
• E.R.F. Lasten
• E.R. Lopez
• G.M. Peterson
• F.R. Sint Jago
• F.C. Tromp

Lid in de Orde van Oranje-Nassau: Members
Most successful applications are submitted for appointment as a Member in this order. People may be eligible based on voluntary earnings.
• B.G. Boekhoudt
• E.A. Bongers
• M.T. Arends-Croes
• G.T. Croes
• R.A. Croes
• F.L. Croes
• M.L. Croes
• N.R. van Lis-Donata Norris
• J.C.C. Dumfries
• L.E. Vrutaal-Emerenciana
• T.N. Erasmus
• S.T. Tromp-Farro
• F.S. Harms
• R.I. Kan Rene
• W.R. Krozendijk
• T.K.H. Lee
• J.L. Luidens
• E.T. Maduro
• A. Maduro
• E.R. Rasmijn
• L.F. Schmidt
• O.A. Trimon
• J.J. Geerman-Tromp
• M.J. Wout

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April 30, 2019
Rona Coster