About Anger Management

It all ended well, so we were lead to believe the issue was ‘resolved.’

But it continued to bug me, so, after three days of back and forth, here it is.

About Domestic Violence.

My friends at Power FM, had an interesting conversation on air, I happened to be listening. The conversation revolved around an incident of ‘destruction,’ following a domestic dispute, that resulted in an 8-hour arrest of a sometimes-controversial radio personality.

Then the charges were dropped because his partner did not want to press any.

What I appreciated:

The decision made by the radio personality to publicly announce he was taking time off and distancing himself from his ‘stress-causing,’ radio career. He also asked for forgiveness.

Program host – the poster-child of all well-behaved radio personalities, an iconic DJ – talked briefly about anger management and the need to walk away from confrontation.

What I did not appreciate:

This was a lengthy conversation, TWENTY MINUTE is a long time on the air. The iconic DJ started his spin doctor exercise slowly, carefully picking his words, like a skilled acrobat, twisting and turning to downplay, and minimize, what he called ‘a flip out.’

It’s Carnival, people are stressed and tired, there was a discussion, there was no physical contact, just some material damaged to personal items belonging to the radio personality involved, there was no alcohol consumption, he was totally in control when the men in blue arrived, it’s was just a procedure, you know, 8 hours, no big deal. Etc.

Much Ado Over Nothing.

Or at least that was the impression they wanted us to have.

So, what bugged me?

OK, you owe your partner, listeners, friends, and family members, an apology for bad behavior.

But stop there.

Please don’t ‘explain’ anything, and insult our intelligence by playing the ‘discussion’ down. Get some help. Get better. This is serious. Please take your mental health and anger management issues seriously.    

Domestic violence is a phenomenon habitually minimized and downplayed by fans and friends. #nomore, #mentalhealthawareness #angermanagement

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January 24, 2019
Rona Coster
Bati Bleki by Rona Coster
Bati Bleki by Rona Coster
Bati Bleki by Rona Coster
Bati Bleki by Rona Coster
Bati Bleki by Rona Coster
Bati Bleki by Rona Coster
Bati Bleki by Rona Coster
Bati Bleki by Rona Coster