About a Park and a Party

Oranjestad has a new park

In the past two years, every time I drove down the boulevard, past Boy Ecury Plein, I looked at the old park and said to myself:” Self, this construction will one day come to an end, it must.” But the truth is that until the park was re-landscaped, we could only think about destruction of old trees.

Why didn’t they place a sign, stating their intentions, and the name of the developer, depicting what the park would look like when it is done? It would have eased our fears and discomfort.  It would have been the right thing to do. Inform us, share your vision, we are stakeholders too.

Anyway, it is done. We got palm trees, nice grass, a modern albeit uneven floor, an interesting stone sculpture with a tree branch threaded through it, and an historic ship propeller that now keep the bust of our national hero company.

Parents who pick up their kids at school, are getting used to the new way the traffic flows. Has the flow improved?

Will you be placing a modest sign at the propeller to teach us of its historical value?

The park also includes, surprise, a stage, and a backstage, with dressing rooms, or perhaps bathrooms. Did the neighbors agree to have a concert stage across their front yards, I wonder.

The developer of the adjacent monster-condo concrete tower, who is also the developer of the park will have to maintain and supervise that public space, I hope he budgeted the work into his condo fees.

The building flaunts amazing ocean views, but it is overbearing, overpowering, and flicking the finger at the small houses in the adjacent streets.

Who’s gonna move in, I wonder. Surely, individuals with deep pockets.

Found out post publication, regarding propeller. The propeller is from the Oranjestad, the ship hit by a German U-boat in the San Nicholas harbor in 1942. This is the propeller found and raised by Percy Sweetman, in 2009, raised from 225 feet, it weighs 4000lbs. It was submerged for 67 years.

We loved the Intergalactic Party

These people know how to throw a party! We were invited to a Customer Appreciation Event last weekend, which threw everyone into a tizzy. What do you wear for an Intergalactic Gala?? I met some very worried chicas at the D’Shop. They wanted to dress to impress. As always, it was challenging but Aruba came through. The crowd looked amazing, and the party was filled with innovative touches and surprises.

We were greeted by aliens, and entered the ballroom through a time-tunnel! Then twenty-three of the Marriott Sales and Marketing divas were transformed with the help of make-up magician Andrew Curiel into silver foreheaded, glittery extra terrestrials.

The commanding officer of the enterprise, Tom Calame was dressed as Mr. Spock, the lovable Star Trek vegetarian, human-Vulcan hybrid. He was born to play that part!

The food was incredible, served in abundant micro mini portions, all individually plated and garnished,  O Romeo, Romeo, wherefore art thou Romeo, I did not see the executive chef but he was there in spirit!

Ofo and NFuzion music spun their magic too. You should have been there.

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May 20, 2017
Rona Coster