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Fundacion Conserva Area Cristal has as a goal the protection of nature and green areas around Sero Cristal that are still aggressively threatened by the devastating activities of companies without the appropriate permits.
In the second half of December 2017, two companies applied for a nuisance permit for their activities in Budui. Over 300 objections were subsequently submitted to the Director of Legislation and Legal Affairs on time, both by residents, the board of the foundation and a large number of residents of Aruba who support the goal of the foundation.
The foundation has received confirmation for the filing, but no response has yet been received from either the Board of Directors or the relevant Minister (s).
The responsible Minister will have to take a decision within the legal period of one month.
In the meantime, the mining company, active in Sero Plat / Babijn / Jaburibari, has applied for a nuisance permit, not just for the continuation of the sand excavation and stone crushing, but ALSO for the production of concrete and asphalt. An advertised in an announcement placed in Diario on February 1st, 2018.
Again the local residents, the foundation and all their sympathizers sprang into action to immediately object the arrival of even more unacceptable activities in this nature/green area already visibly suffering the consequences of the abuse.

The area of Marawiel, Babijn and Jaburibari, is already under pressure from the irresponsible exploitation of the terrain. The health and the living enjoyment of residents are completely compromised. The houses close to the quarry become worthless as far as their real estate value, in view of their nuisance of a neighbor!
The wind blows inland and thus brings dust, toxic gases and smoke from the asphalt plant directly into the two FCCA neighborhoods in Jaburibari, the old people’s home of Stichting Thuiszorg and Parke Curason, besides many private homes built in the vicinity.
The soil and groundwater are seriously polluted by the use and burning of oil and chemicals in that  nature reserve. These dangerous substances have serious consequences for the ecosystems of Sero Cristal, Budui and Wariruri.
It is clear that the mining company in Babijn is already digging outside its property boundaries and therefore has no respect for the law. The ministry should interfere, to prevent the damage, but nothing happened so far! The destruction escalates by the week.
After the previous press release in November 2017, Minister Otmar Oduber put various departments to work to investigate and take measures, but so far it is unnoticeable. All companies resumed their activities after the December construction holiday WITHOUT the necessary permits.
Fundacion Conserva Area Cristal cannot accept this and expects all submitted objections to be dealt with within the set term, taking into account the published opinion of Minister Oduber that the island’s green area protected zones, ROP,  as decreed by LAW.
If the departments concerned do not carry out adequate controls in the Cristal area within 14 days and strictly apply the existing legislation, Fundacion Conserva Area Cristal will consider meeting the government of Aruba in court for wrongful conduct against residents of the area.
The board of the foundation, L. Irausquin, G. Rodriguez, R. Helder, A. Arends and R. Wijnvende

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February 15, 2018
Rona Coster