A Photo Op With Poodle and the Central Bank is Wasteful

A series of press releases yesterday announced the inauguration of the Dog Control Center.

With all due respect, dogs require no control, it’s us humans, that require supervision.

I just hate the name.

Ok, don’t be a stickler to detail, I say to myself, never mind the name. They are paying attention to responsible pet ownership. That’s a positive step.

Then I looked at the picture, and the Disney character mural, which is so inappropriate for what is, and was, the Kill Cage.

The painted Disney characters make light of the deep-rooted, tragic issue of Cruelty to Animals on the island.

And the fancy giant gray poodle with his stylish hairdo

Is that the only dog that was available for the photo opportunity?

A giant gray pedigree poodle, with a pompadour do??

One of my friends, writes: I attended the Plan Nacional presentation two nights ago and listened to a presentation for two hours –  I had already seen it a year ago, nothing new – there is no money to do anything, anyway.

In the presentation GOA is asking the PUBLIC to become “buitengewone agenten van politie” a sort of deputized police agents which will help deal with the challenge, but to be deputized seriously, would take a lot of training.

PLUS, three policemen who were there also during the meeting, because of their animal-loving status, will do some work, out of free will, in addition to their day job, at no extra pay, but since the laws aren’t in place, they won’t really do anything, effectively. The laws still need to be written and enacted.

When I asked why they do not just copy/paste the Dutch law, I was given a lecture that Aruba is a multicultural society and that the Dutch laws do not work here. 

I almost asked them what the “Ley di Cacho,” is, if not a copy/paste of a Dutch legislation. BUT, I did not want to start a dogfight.

I politely told them that in my opinion the police as a law enforcement entity, already have an imperfect law in place – and it is a start.

I got another lecture about how difficult it is to write laws.

Bottom line: This new attempt will not work, the Policemen are busy, they’re not getting paid and essentially volunteer, and the public is not trained to lend a hand.

IT WAS JUST A PHOTO OP. Someone got paid for a silly mural. No structural changes. Blessings on the heads of the volunteer Policemen!

Nothing will happen as the new kill cage is smaller and only opens certain times, so it will result in more street dogs and more dumped animals.

The Central Bank and its infuriating wasteful ways

We all got a fancy booklet in the mail, “E Serie Nobo Di Biyetenana di Florin 2019,” what a terrible waste of graphic work, printing and distribution.

Printing is expensive, and the Central Bank is apparently loaded with cash, so it can bore us with a total useless document, stuffed into our speechless mailboxes.



And now to the content of the booklet. I read it with zero interest, because it was written by an accountant. Page after page of dull details tracking the process of printing new bills from 2013 to 2019. The first half of the booklet is a TOTAL humdrum waste of time.

The second half of the booklet is a series of stitched together sentences with ZERO flow, or inspiration, explaining the bank note designs, going Green Turtle to Sea Fans, and Gold Mining, without any effort to create a story, or cohesive narrative.

You wanted to educate us?


Create an expo.

Hang it in the empty lobby of your Taj Mahal.

Invite school kids to see five PVC panels.

Five? One from each bank note.

Maybe Awg 2,500 for the total project, including graphic design and printing, instead of the $30.000 you currently spent on your lackluster self-promotion.

The Bank Note Series? It is beautiful. You did a good job on that.  



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July 02, 2020
Rona Coster