A new look for Ginger at Tamarijn

The Tamarijn All-Inclusive is a cat with nine lives. What started as a little-sister hotel to the Divi, grew over the years and evolved to include a successful timeshare resort, Dutch Village, more rooms, and many more amenities, fully interchangeable with the Divi-All-Inclusive, next door.

The heart of the resort offers a cluster of different restaurants and bars, with the pool and the ocean in starring roles. Guests on vacation may visit the all-inclusive, a la carte Paparazzi, an Italian restaurant, bar and lounge, where a dedicated chef makes pasta dishes, a la minute, exhibition style. A cozy, fully stocked bar, invites any resident mafioso to quietly sip his/her drink, plotting the next adventure, in the dim interior. At the ocean front Palm Grill, diners may cook their own meals on gleaming stainless steel tabletop grills, stir-frying their own main courses. Leon Keer, a 3D street artist, and a famous Dutch muralist contributed the décor, a giant sea turtle. Pizza Per Tutti serves you-know-what all day, poolside. The Cunucu Terrace with ample oceanfront seating is a live grill restaurant, gone are the familiar chafing dishes, instead, the culinary brigade flips everything on the grill a la carte, and you may visit the carving station and the rotisserie, then avail yourself of the smoothie bar, blending freshly prepared fruit drinks, to order.

Perhaps because the Tamarijn has been all-inclusive for many years, we know little about it, except that it is always busy, and one could see why.

However, every once in a while, when any Divi entity concludes another re-imagining, it invites for a tour, and this week was no different. The Tamarijn remodeled Ginger, its Asian fusion restaurant and I was invited to look-see.

The restaurant has been popular for years, serving inhouse clients with an Asian fusion mix of Chinese, Thai, Indonesian and Japanese flavors, and recently also wellness choices, instead of the just vegetarian dishes of yesterday. Ginger now boasts a new landscaped entrance with custom designed wooden sliding doors, a color-stone-studded, poured and polished concrete floor, artistic wall paper, a curved, custom designed and hand-made booth-bench for seating, a stunning Divi tree trunk centerpiece, many black and grey touches befitting the Asian color palette, and chop sticks at every table setting.

Freddy Zedan, Director of Hotel Operations at Divi & Tamarijn All-Inclusives, reports he saw many of the interior design ideas on Pinterest and together with General Manager of the Divi & Tamarijn Marin Bijl, they put on their architect and interior designer hats and stitched the place together to their liking, in house.

The result is beautiful, and guests flock to the door, for specialties such as Thai Beef Salad, Cilantro Soup, Steamed Bao Bun, Chicken in Coconut Curry Sauce, BBQ Satay Chicken or Beef Skewers, and Asian Beef Skewers, Wok main courses, and delicious desserts such as Coconut Chocolate Bounty, and Mango Pecan Cake.

Main courses  are served with a choice of jasmine or fried rice, and include a yummy Asian side salad, dips and dressings.

The original Ginger is a Divi owned brand that was personally created by the late Alex Nieuwmeyer, Divi’s long-time Managing Director who was at the helm of the project responsible for décor and menu writing. The baton is now in possession of the Bijl/Zedan team. It is in good hands.

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June 06, 2023
Rona Coster