A new best seller? The compilation of the island’s Labor Laws


Lincoln Gomez, my column-writing, snake-slaying, column-writing, advice-giving neighbor, a Legal Eagle by profession, published a book recently.

No, not a thriller.

It is a compilation of local Labor Laws, a labyrinth of confusing yet binding decrees, he collected by gleaning all legal archives and gazettes, then binding them together into just one volume, in digital form and online, for the lawyering pleasure of our many attorneys, HR and head-hunting communities.

This week Lincoln presented the book to the Island’s Governor, in addition to two sitting ministers. He interviewed on several popular platforms, and promoted the oeuvre as the first self-published local book, to be sold online, in both hard- and digital copy. Plus, you have the option to pay for it on line, using debit or credit cards, including a delivery option, finally attesting to the arrival of e-commerce on our shores.

The first labor ordinance compilation was penned in 2013. But when our Civil Code was enacted on Sept 1st, 2021, things were changed and moved around and the 2013 edition became obsolete.Which made the 2022 re-write, a must.

Because……any lawyer entrusted with any case involving employment, must buy the new version of the book, or sign up for it on line, and there is also an eBook version that can be accessed, cut and pasted, into legal documents, as court arguments, at any time.

The old edition and the text from 2013 “Arubaanse Arbeidswetgeving en Aanverwante Regelingen – 2013” was replaced by a much more exciting title: “BWA Boek 7, titel 10 & arbeidsverordening 2013, Arubaans Arbeidsrecht.”

You will be thrilled to know that the new publication is the complete labor law bible, the text is also annotated with keywords next to each article, making it easier to navigate, besides saving time when searching for relevant materials.The standard size of 6×9” makes it easy to carry around or keep on an office desk for easy reference.You can even take it to the beach, impress other beach-goers with your intellectual reading materials.

His new website www.AboutTheLaws.com, is part of the creative burst, where Lincoln reposts all his columns, articles, and shares other subjects; it’s also a web shop where you can buy the book, do the bank transfer and then sit back and expect the delivery.Who should buy it: The book is a must-have for practitioners of labor law and all employers, employees, employer and employee organizations, unions, human resource professionals, who need the updated information, at their fingertips.Naturally, students and labor laws coaches will find it a handy resource. It will help them get it right without having to get lost in countless official Gazette publications that carry the changes. Available online Afl. 99.– (delivery option available).

I hear the next book is a kind of cheat-sheet to smoking laws in Aruba, or better: A Legal Guide to Smoking Laws in Aruba, a detailed explanation of what the law means, and what is expected of us, in the form of an eBook, available for sale on www.AboutTheLaws.com


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June 07, 2022
Rona Coster