A man of his word and the teflon coated banks

A man of his word!

If you had met General Manager Vasco Baselli yesterday, you would have obviously noticed he is sporting a Mohawk with both sides of his head clean shaven, and a noticeably longer strip of hair standing at attention in the center of his dome, hardly a conformist hair style for a serious general manager.

Fortunately, there’s a method to his madness. The hotel was just rated fabulously among the Hilton chain properties taking its SALT scores, Hilton’s satisfaction and loyalty tracking, to record heights.

In the last months, consistently, meaning every day, the Hilton Aruba Caribbean Resort & Casino outshone top resorts and hotels in the Americas, ahead of other hospitality giants in the USA, Canada, Latin America and the Caribbean.

As it turned out, Baselli made a deal with his Team Members if they met a set goal, he will be offering them a tasty Piri Piri Chicken party, if they managed to exceed that goal, he would be shaving his head bald, in addition to serving food, but if they drove the needle off the chart, he pledged to get a Mohawk, in plain view of Team Members, on October 30th, 2020, as scores are revealed.

A professional hair dresser was summoned on standby to the ballroom where Baselli had the pleasure to receive not just a simple shave but an audacious tribal style, as a reward for an extra desirable SALT score.

Baselli has made it a tradition to cook for Team Members on special occasions, a number of times a year. He started his hospitality career in the kitchen and puts the experience to good use frequently, serving family specialties, recipes he credits his mother for.

How long is he obliged to keep the Mohawk? I wasn’t told, but he is a great sport, I have seen him in a dunk tank before, he doesn’t mind, he’ll go to great lengths to motivate and entertain his staffers.

The Teflon Coated banks

My good looking accountant looked sleepless and haggard

What’s the matter, honey, I asked?

The banks, he answered, they are torturing clients strapped for cash, demanding cash flow projections and deducting full mortgages with pre-corona interest rates, clients are having a very hard time as banks demand personal guarantees as if they are special, as if they need to be 100% corona-proof, fully covered and protected, not to suffer any economic downturn consequences. Where does it say that they must make money in 2020??

Wow, true, I hear it from all over, the banks are applying monumental pressure on the business community and on little people

MinFec must meet with the banks, my accountant concluded, and negotiate their level of hurt, they must show real solidarity, not just temporary, postponing helps cash flow, but an actual cut back, is genuinely helpful, if you lost 70% of your income, your interest rate and level of mortgage payments must be prorated.

Sure, MinFec doesn’t want to tick off the banks, her best bond clients, but the business community is dying.

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October 31, 2020
Rona Coster