A lot is happening

I took a few days off, over Easter weekend and now I don’t know where to start, because a lot is happening. I lost momentum, and lost track of events.

To paraphrase one of my most favorite writers, Raymond Carver, a brief and intense minimalist: Don’t wait for inspiration, just find it, anything ordinary would do.

So here we go:

Going back a few days, I listened to the press conference of sacrificial lamb, POR leader Alan Howell, and believed him. (He is no lamb, but a shrewd opportunist, who knows how to butter his toast.)

I also believe the free-flow ruminations of RED leader, Ricardo Croes.

Both reported a Queen Gambit, where there was a bit of a sacrifice in order to gain more control, as MinPres disbanded the government for a solid excuse, in order to declare an election campaign, asking for a majority government, in the wake of June25th.

What chutzpa.

Both Howell and Croes made it clear that the First Servant gleefully pounced on the opportunity to resign, bring the grind to a halt, and avoid having to make painful decisions imposed by COHO and the Dutch.

Now it’s all postponed!

Our interim government can breathe freely, and fully dedicate itself to the campaign. And it is shocking to hear, the Minister of Labor and Social Affairs go on and on and on, about Our Savior, the woman who defended our integrity and honor, shamelessly advocating a majority government following the June elections, while still employed by us, as a minister.

His handbook is even more shocking.

Borrowing from the policy manual of Hugo Rafael Chavez Frias, he stood in parliament and pledged FASE forever, UNEMPLOYMENT forever, if we support the Wever-Croes Cabinet II.

Why would we need FASE, and Unemployment Benefits?

Because his plan is to KEEP locals unemployed and dependent, with labor law reforms postponed to 2022.

This is truly a VICIOUS plan.

Prevent our labor laws from changing, freeze the status quo, maintain three thousand families on measly government funds, and twenty-thousand people on wage subsidy, promise to maintain them, as long as the Wever-Croes government is in power.

In a nutshell, duplicate the road the hell, paved by Chavez in Venezuela, keep folks dependent on GOA, castrate and debilitate the private market.

Feeding the masses, instead of teaching them to fish.

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April 08, 2021
Rona Coster