A late half column, needed to squeegee the yard


Last night the area around the low-rise hotels was flooded, and you should have seen it the night before. I don’t want to write about the subject of contaminated water today, because it rained again like crazy, and I am afraid to ask anyone working in that area how things are, but DOW must improve its response time to flooding, unplug drain ditches, and if they have pumps, FLICK THEM ON.

My friends, about Avenida NOO

*The man is an honorable older statesman, and he doesn’t need a street called after his name.

*MEP in power, a couple more years of AVP it would have been called HennyWeg.

*Why not give him one of the new roads being built around WVB? They could name all these roads after politicians, for all I care.

*There should be a law that prohibits to name streets and buildings, after living beings. It used to do a posthumous honor. What happened here?

*Main road names should never be more than one word, easy to pronounce, and remember. Juancho Irasquin Boulevard, Caya Ernesto Petronia, nobody bothers, they still call it Palm Beach Road, and Ponton, and no one will call it Nelson Orlando Oduber Weg. We all like the man, but what has he done to deserve the honor of having the main drag called after him, did he land on the moon? Did he invent the cure for cancer? Worked with the poorest of the poor? Our lives are complicated enough, let it go, it would take us 20 years to transition from Sasakiweg to NOO.

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August 16, 2019
Rona Coster