A double Celebration at Botica di Servicio and its affiliate Laboratorio di Servicio

Botica di Servicio and its affiliate Laboratorio di Servicio celebrated two noteworthy career landmarks just recently. Two dedicated staffers completed 25 and 5 years of service respectively, and were acknowledged for the many contributions they make to the company every day.

While Doris Geerman was the focus of attention as she completed 25 years at Botica di Servicio, her daughter Tibisay Croes-Geerman, was lauded for completing 5 years at Laboratorio di Servicio.

Both mother and daughter share the same values of diligence, and dedication. The similarities do not end there: They are both employed by the same enterprise, and they both celebrated their long term career choices on the same day, as was recently expressed by Michelle Obama: There is no magic to achievement; it’s really about hard work, choices and persistence.

The Aruba Growth Fund, owners of such companies as the Hilton Aruba Caribbean Resort & Casino, Botica di Servicio, Laboratorio di Servicio and Op=Op Voordeelshop, is determined to continuously introduce quality products and services to the Aruban community, also in the health-care fields. As a fully Aruban company, funded by Aruban investors, it is focused on investing in local businesses, contributing to the island’s well-being.


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February 04, 2018
Rona Coster