A circle of successful and ambitious women

I spent some time with a bunch of overachievers on Saturday. We were invited to the Spa at Tierra Del Sol, for water aerobics, spa treatments, some inspirational conversation and lunch over chilled bubbly, all impeccably organized by Orol Henriquez, for Yrausquin, one of the oldest family businesses on the island, 65 years old and kicking.

Of course, getting a manicure on a Saturday is great, but what stood out was the surprising networking nature of the event.

We were seated in a comfortable room, fed delicious cappuccinos and asked a number of thought provoking questions, are you ready. Play this game with your friends and you will be gratified.

Did you have a childhood dream? Have you achieved it? Where do you stand now, in relationship to what you thought you would become.

Who was your inspiration along the way?

What are the qualities you posses which helped you get where you are today?

I have to admit, I rolled my eyes, right from the start, if there is something I hate, its psycho-babble on Saturday, but my cynicism did not last long. The women in the room with me rose to the occasion, they answered the questions openly and honestly, sharing childhood dreams, and their adult manifestations, it was a powerful conversation emceed by an enlightened man, yes, a man, Arie, the Mercedes brand manager.

My fellow warriors had a lot to say. They all turned out to be exceptional women, from different fields with diverse challenges and one thing in common: Stick-to-it-tiveness.

A medical professional, a banker, a printer, a makeup artist, a sales director, a marketing manager, a high school teacher, they painted their own self-portraits with personal stories, making us a closely knit community for the day.

There is something else they all agreed upon. Aruba.

Aruba is a pro-women island, providing us a good pot to grow in.

We are very fortunate for having such a supportive canvas, to paint our stories on.

Aruba Dushi Tera.


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November 04, 2017
Rona Coster