70 Years of Musical History, celebrated, Setar pays homage to Carnival – third of three installments.

The last part of the concert was the best, Carlos saved choice compositions for last.

(For those interested in watching the concert from the comfort of their homes, it will be aired on Sunday, 1/14, at 6pm, on cable, Channel 13.)

The concert’s third segment too off with Friends and Family, by T-Money, a Soca, and you already know that I favor that genre. Tony Mingo gave us a great song in 2006, as lead singer for Le Grove, one of the best bands ever, famous for its unique sound. It is important to add that the late Antoni Gario, was band leader of Le Groove, and we are grateful for his musical contributions over the years, and for raising a son, capable of carrying on his legacy….

Inside The Thing with Buddy Love, baffled me for long, in 2016. Inside what thing? What is he talking about? Is The Thing a Carnival parade? The answer is yes, and no. As we mentioned before, double meanings abound.

Galloway Jr. is a second-generation singer, and Memories of this and that was a fun Carnival ditty, in 2019.

That year, Aruba celebrated Carnival en grande, with parades, jump-ups, mashups. We gave it our all, in February, oblivious, or in denial of what was brewing in the East. Mid-March Aruba closed for over three months, the Pandemic was upon us, and all we could do during the months of lockdown is sing, remember this? Remember that? Not knowing what the future will bring. Richardson, who wrote the narration for the night, states that the song is about Living in The Moment. It turned out to be a bit prophetic.

I regret I skipped a few performers, but there were so many…perhaps I left for a while to rest my head. The music today is much FASTER than it used to be. How much faster?

I read that the quickest way to make a song go viral in 2023, was to speed it up, and from what I understand the singers at the Setar concert wanted their performances to be more pulse-quickening, going from maybe 100 beats per minute to 120. Not sure about the number, but most songs were definitely sped-up, for today’s audiences.

Do What You Want, by Blacky, 2018, and My Time, by Easy B., 2015, heralded the arrival of Lady Eyes, with Sin Dono. That was a huge success among female carnavalistas, it became a sort of anthem, as women expressed their wish to be master-free, emancipated, liberated, exercising their own will, obligated by nothing.

I guess there is no Carnival without the quirky, humorous Lord Cachete, he lives in the Netherlands and comes annually to participate in parades. He is a character. His Aruba Dushi Tera, 1998, inspired patriotic feelings on the road, with Dushi Band and the legendary, late Hildward Croes.

I think I ignored the Carnival of 2023, when Casper delivered his Feeling Good, Feeling Nice. He is a young Soca singer, so I think we have a future together.

Music is We Language, what a hit, by Caiso Teddy, in 2007. It is among the biggest Carnival songs of all times, where Teddy explore the space music occupies in our lives, its a medicine, he says, a relief, it’s what pulls us together, it is infectious. Dushi Band and Hildward Croes, delivered one success after the other.

Mighty Talent was back for the finale with a Calypo medley, including Surprise di 1983, Aruba di 1987, I Mad 1988, Life in Aruba 1999 and the unforgrttable, If I was Prime Minister, 2000. The lyrics always clever, spot on, the music catchy. Mighty Talent is a magician, in the way he puts things together.

Compliments to all writers, composers, producers & contributors, Aruba is blessed by abundant creative talent. Watch the concert on TV, 6pm, Channel 13, on 14/01/2024

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January 12, 2024
Rona Coster