The CEO, MinTVS, the Drivers, and MinPres

In a recent NoticiaCla interview with MinPres. she stated that if the transfer of 7 staffers from MinTVS’ office to DVG is deemed inappropriate by the department of human resources the decision will be reversed.

Will the decision to fire the CEO over the same hot potato, also be reversed?

Prepare to be outraged, because this is a SHAMEFUL story.

Politicians look us in the eye and pretend it’s all kosher and above board, then let their colleagues vouch for their integrity!

When the Dutch back in April/May conditioned the second tranche of financial help/subsidy, with slashing the AZV budget by 60M a year, 5M a month, both AZV and the MinTVS, did…..nothing.

(There will be a column about that, suggesting he could/should have put up a fight.)

The Dutch must have thought we were sheep, MinTVS accepted the demand and crawled back into his hole, tail between his legs, all because Aruba was desperate for the second tranche, an injection of much-needed cash.

Instead of coming up with a well-thought out plan for structural changes, MinTVS and AZV opted to cut services, slashing the budgets for: Specialists, GP’s, ImSan, Hospital, pharmacies, laboratories, taking medications off the list of AZV covered medicines. At that time, the geniuses also decided to stop the transportation of patients/clients for dialysis, a very important service for very sick people.

Thus AZV discontinued the contract with a loyal, qualified supplier of transportation who threatened to take AZV to court. One cannot arbitrarily stop a contract that has been in place for 20 years, satisfactorily, with zero complaints.

I wrote about it, the media was buzzing, and MinTVS felt under attack for that fateful decision.

And you know what ministers do when voters start protesting. They come out of left field with crazy solutions.

MinTVS decided to set up his OWN business at DVG, leasing new cars, and putting friends & family cut from his office with ZERO experience with these patients, as drivers.

In his mind he was cutting costs at AZV, sure, presenting the bill elsewhere, but he believed he could get away with the clever ploy to protect his people.

MinTVS did not know that the AZV lawyers warned against the dismissal of the loyal, qualified supplier, because it would find itself in a lawsuit it would lose, and open the floodgates for everyone and their mother to go after AZV, too.

CEO Ruben Goedhoop listened to the lawyers and signed the agreement with the company they were in business with for many years.

This is when MinTVS flipped. He was setting up his own company to provide that service and did not welcome that turn of events. So he fired the CEO. On a Friday afternoon. At 5:30pm. With an email to all staffers saying that pending an investigation the CEO was suspended.

Totally and completely unacceptable behavior.

The CEO was doing his job, thinking, which MinTVS rarely does. The CEO was advised by the attorneys to retain the transport company, and he did.

The individuals let go from MinTVS office, Oslin Oduber, Andro Ridderstaat, Jonathan Tromp, Ryan Coes, Gilbert Webb and Adriana Quandt, were now part of a new outfit, relegated to the DVG budget.

Both MinPres and MinTVS make it sound like people were dying. Nobody was dying. People just had to start arranging transport themselves with THEIR friends & family members, not the minister’s. But today MinTVS acts like we are all heartless, and we want these patients suffer.

He paints himself as the great humanitarian. He says it will not cost the Pueblo any more money. Which begs the question what were these people doing in his office? Nothing? How come they were all disposable from one day on the next?

You would agree that this is clearly strange and reflect badly on the council of minister. You save at AZV, for the sake of complying with the Dutch, and move costs elsewhere by buying new cars and placing friends & family as drivers, for the next five years?

We already know nothing the government runs ever works. So it will always be cheaper for a private company to provide services.

And that’s how the AZV CEO lost his job. And the public here just takes it, because MinTVS is being groomed as the next head of state. We are in deep trouble with shamelessness at the helm, you and me would be dying of shame, if/when caught.

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December 04, 2020
Rona Coster