Casa Tua opens in Oranjestad

Father and SonIt was an instant Italian sensation in Palm Beach, and now those seeking the best in Italian cuisine can enjoy the fare of Casa Tua in the heart of downtown.

Overlooking the Daniel Leo Plaza, at the Aventura Mall lunchtime shoppers and nighttime strollers can enjoy indoor or terrace seating while sipping sensational sangria and delighting in hand-tossed, brick-oven pizzas, fresh pastas, fresh fish, steaks, and authentic, home-baked Italian desserts.

The beautifully styled eatery opened on Wednesday evening with an elegant crowd sipping and munching and congratulating owner Victor Nataf on the beautiful design of the restaurant, inspired by the typical Italian Piazza which is the center of public life in Italy. Chef Greg, who is no other but Victor’s son, oversaw the preparation of the world’s biggest, most delicious seafood paella which was chased by endless numbers of thin crust Pizza pies, the ones that made Casa Tua so famous. Invitees who arrived hungry, went home happy, vowing to return as paying guests.Victor with Pizza Lovers

Pictured here lively scenes from the party entertained by the We Fusion trio. Casa Tua will be showing soccer all week as EURO 2008 plays till June 29, with all games shown live on a giant screen escorted by $2 draft Balashi Beer.

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June 12, 2008
Rona Coster