La Cabana Beach Resort & Casino celebrates associates’ Anniversaries  

Members of management and associates came together to celebrate a great number of workplace anniversaries, paying homage to long term, dedicated careers.

Hosted by the department of Human Resources, guests were treated to a beautiful trip down memory lane, remembering years of service and loyalty.

Emcee Sudi Guda, Jr. Talent Manager, called on Assistant General Manager Jessica Franken to greet invitees with a Champagne toast, which was followed by a warm welcome address.

Party attendees helped themselves to the abundant buffet, prepared by the Food & Beverage department, then Tessely Koolman, director of Human Resources, started the award ceremony.

Celebrating their fifth anniversary: Sandra Campos, Godfrida Geerman, Billy Maxi, Micherlande Prophete, Adilio Diaz, Ainsley Murray, Marina Stamper, Miguel Guzman, Cristobal Juri, Roselie Gabriel, Apolinar Guerrero and Christopher Carolina.

Celebrating their tenth anniversary: Francis Geerman, Marlon Clemencia and Minerva Hayers.

Celebrating their fifteenth anniversary: Adriana Tromp and Wendy Dorcas.

Celebrating their twentieth anniversary: Cielo Orozco, Nixon Castillo, Jorge Mestanza, Maritza Nuñez and Aristobulo Montoya.

Celebrating their twenty-fifth anniversary: Marlyn de Oliveira, Vicente Guerrero, Ireneo Catibayan, Felicia Asencio, Delano Sabajo, Manuel Ramos, Maria Maduro, Desiree Henriquez, Carlos Ramirez, Luis Manuel Gutierrez and Carine Cratz.

Associates received gifts and recognition for making La Cabana Beach Resort & Casino their preferred employer and for accomplishing personal and communal goals, with focus and passion.

Congratulations to all associates, on their almost 500 years of experience, recognizing important career milestones.

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November 17, 2019
Rona Coster