Caribbean Palm Village Celebrates its Loyal Guests

Guests of the Caribbean Palm Village Resort are invited each week to a Manager’s Cocktail party where over cocktails and snacks they mingle with their fellow vacationers and members of management. They also celebrated Thanksgiving, just recently, in a most original way, with Mislady Fingal, from Activities, as master of ceremony. Mislady organized a scavenger hunt for fun prizes in the garden of the resort, sending guests in all directions in search of hidden treasures, a turkey, a bottle of wine, and some fun island tee-shirts.

Pictures here, staffers and winners.

The resort also took advantage of the festivities to thank Ms. Johanntges & Ms. Rappoport for 30 happy years of membership, and loyalty to the resort, together with Ed Hayes, Board President, and Astrid Muller, Interim General Manager.

The charming vacation village in Noord, originally inspired by South Beach and the Art Deco district in Miami, continues to play host to multiple generations of guests as a self-contained oasis of fun, tranquility and community.




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November 28, 2018
Rona Coster