Mothers Celebrated at La Cabana Beach Resort & Casino

The traditional appreciation get-together in honor of Mother’s Day featured an abundance of music, flowers, finger food, cake, and refreshments at La Cabana Beach Resort & Casino. Chef Octavio made the buffet extra special this year and created a memorable red and white celebration cake.

All mothers congregated in the conference room were truly pampered, especially the newly-elected, La Cabana’s Mother of the Year Maisy, of the housekeeping department, who received a large flower bouquet and a sash fit for royalty among other gifts.

The party also featured a fun raffle for over 50 valuable prizes and useful gift certificates to food stores and gas stations, dinner and breakfast vouchers and spa treatments.

General Manager Joe Najjar was on-hand to honor the resort mothers who care for their families and for the resort guests with the same passion and dedication. He thanked them for their tireless labor of love and wished them health and contentment in the coming year.

Pictures here the much-enjoyed get together.  




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May 23, 2018
Rona Coster